Real Estate Services

 Acquisition, Disposition, Valuation

With over 25 years of real estate experience AESA, Inc.’s management has a proven track record of stellar real estate services execution.  From soup to nuts, AESA, Inc. is the premiere organization for full service real estate advisory work in both the public sector and private sector forums.  AESA, Inc. prides itself on judicious solutions to the most complex and time sensitive real estate transactions.  Value creation, integrity and sensitivity to budget and cost controls are fundamental to our execution.  Our responses to each assignment are individualized to each client’s needs.  The scope of services offered by AESA, Inc.  include:

  • Site Assessment
  • Appraisal review
  • Site/Portfolio Acquisition
  • Site/Portfolio Valuation
  • Site/Portfolio Disposition
  • Pro-forma review
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Real Estate Marketing (Sales)


Aesa, Inc. has a strategic relationship with Genesis Auctions/Genesis Capital, with whom we recently reviewed valuations and real estate marketing for an $8.2 million portfolio in the Los Angeles region.  Genesis is a comprehensive strategic end-to-end asset liquidation solution which maximizes marketing and lending opportunities to buyers and investors, increasing participation within communities across the United States.  The Genesis model allows the broader market to determine the highest and best execution ultimately resulting in community stabilization and a higher value for the asset.  AESA, Inc. has a strategic partnership with Genesis Auctions/Genesis Capital, arising from previous working relationships, that enables inceased capacity and portfolio breadth.